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Shopping the best work shoes

the best work shoes

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Standard safety work shoes

A safety shoe designed in accordance with the studded should have 3 useful features, including good quality, standard heel and standard claw.


How should the safety the best work shoes be according to the HSE standard

According to the HSE standard, which considers safety shoes to be a protective cover for hard and difficult work, all persons and employees of hazardous work environments should wear appropriate safety shoes and safety cover.

According to this standard, in front of the steel shoes, a piece of metal is used to protect the toes, according to which all workers’ shoes that work with electricity and the possibility of electric shock in their work should be without a nail, Protect electric shock.

According to the HSE standard, safety shoes are made of a flexible material, such as polyurethane PU, and the paws of them can be made from leather, which is an electrical insulator or PVC, which is a chemical insulator.

the best work shoes

The purpose of the standard setting for safety shoes

Safety shoes standards were designed and implemented for the first time in 1344 and now it is published in Section 3 of the Law on the Reform of Laws and Regulations as the national standard of Iran. The purpose of the development of safety shoes standards, the implementation of footwear or safety shoes for specific applications in different occupations, as well as the examination of the characteristics and ensuring the safety of a suitable safety footwear.

According to the safety footwear standards, safety shoes must be resistant to penetration of the sharp objects into the floor and the floor, and the force required to penetrate the cumin should be at least 1100 N.

the best work shoes

Work shoes insulation

The degree of insulation against cold in safety shoes should be at least 10 degrees Celsius in accordance with the standard for lowering the temperature at the upper shoulder surface.

In safety shoes, the water resistance of the standard must be such that, after 100 times the total area of ​​water penetration, it should not exceed 3 cm 2, or water should not penetrate after 15 minutes.

Safety shoe protection according to the standard against hot objects and contact with a hot object, in leather shoes should be such that after bending around the rod should not be seen the effects of cracks and burns that develop into the layer of corum. Plastic and polymer footwear should not melt, and when they rotate around a bar, no turk will appear on them.

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Rima shoes invites you to buy all kinds of leather shoes, boots and plastic slippers.

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